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Seagrass by the coast

The Peaceful Life

Days at the coast are soothing, relaxing and good for the soul. Here, God’s handiwork is evident every day. From sunrise till sunset, you’ll see the waves roll in, feel the sand between your toes and watch the seagrass wave in the ocean breeze. Seagulls flying above, children building sand castles and multi-colored umbrellas dot the beach. This is the Peaceful Life.

Beachcombers are out at daybreak to see what treasures the ocean left overnight. Fishermen have set up poles in the surf and on the pier waiting for the catch of the day. As the sun rises high in the sky, lunch is served on the deck. Then, afternoon naps or a good book and curled up on the gazebo are calming to our minds. There is the reminder that this is the Peaceful Life.

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