3 short inspirations for a joyful Christmas

3 Short Inspirations for a Joyful Christmas!

Updated December 2, 2020


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Magic is in the air! The joyful Christmas season is here and I’m dreaming of an old-fashioned Christmas!
I hope you will enjoy these 3 short inspirations for a Joyful Christmas!


3 short inspirations for a joyful Christmas



3 Christmas Inspirations


Table of Contents
One: A Christmas Dream
Two: Chocolate Covered Cherries
Three: Rejoice! It’s Christmas Day!


Joyful Christmas - Elle


One. A Christmas Dream

My dream this Christmas is for you to have the honor to sit outside on a bench overlooking a beautifully decorated tree. Who would you choose to sit with you? What would you say?

I would definitely choose my Daddy to sit and chat with. He loved Christmas and he always decorated a tall outdoor tree at our home. Daddy was taken from us much too soon and I still miss him tremendously.

I would tell him all the things that have been happening, all the family gatherings he missed and how his grandson also loves to decorate outdoor trees.

Who would sit on the bench beside you? Don’t miss the opportunity this Christmas to spend time with those you love.

“Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but of reflection.”
~Winston Churchill


Chocolate covered cherries for Christmas


Two. Chocolate Covered Cherries

Each Christmas, I purchase chocolate-covered cherries by the caseload. I take them to nursing homes, help centers, churches – anywhere that has a group of men to enjoy them.

You see, there was this man in my life who thought chocolate covered cherries were the greatest joy known to mankind. I bought them for him every year at Christmas. And, when he claimed his seat in heaven, the boxes in the stores brought tears streaming down my face every holiday season.

The first year, I bought one box just like all the years before. It didn’t take long before I would buy all the boxes on the shelf. Twenty-six years later, you never know where I will show up with a case of chocolate-covered cherries.

But first, before I set out on my journey to deliver them, here’s a box just for you this Christmas. My Daddy would want you to have them. Enjoy!

May the spirit of Christmas fill your heart with love, peace, and joy!


Rejoice! It's Christmas Day!


Three. Rejoice! It’s Christmas Day!

Let the trumpets sound. Halleluiah, our Christ is born. Today is Christmas Day!

What a special day we are honored to enjoy. Time with our dearest family and friends over bountiful meals is our blessing this day.

Enjoy the moments with family gathered to open gifts and share meals together. But keep your focus on the very reason that we celebrate Christmas Day.

Take time to check on those who may be alone today. Or perhaps volunteer to serve a meal to those in need.

Raise your voice and your heart in praise to your God. Give him the thanks for your abundant blessings. Let all you do today be for the honor and glory of Christ our Savior.

Today is a time for us to celebrate both peace and joy.

Glory to God in the highest and on earth, peace goodwill towards man.
Luke 2:14



Christmas Eve is the most peaceful night of the year. Candlelight services offer a calm that you can only experience by knowing the true meaning of Christmas.

All is calm; all is bright. Let there be peace on earth tonight!

Sending you a flurry of warm Christmas wishes!


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3 short inspirations for a joyful Christmas


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