7 Simple ways to raise your vibes instantly

7 Simple Ways to Raise Your Vibes Instantly

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Today’s post was written by Jaishree Nenwani. She has thoroughly covered the topic of 7 Simple Ways to Raise Your Vibes Instantly.

Even if you don’t understand theoretically what vibrations are, you still have certainly felt them. To explain it in simple words, a vibration is a state of being, the atmosphere, or the energy of your body, place, thought, food, or things.

7 Simple ways to raise your vibes instantly

When we hear depressing or violent news, we get a heavy feeling in the gut. This is a sign of altered vibration (lower frequency) in the body. On the other hand, when we witness a puppy cuddling with an infant, we suddenly begin to feel good; that means we are vibrating on the higher frequency.

Everything in the universe vibrates on a certain frequency. Higher the frequency, better is your state of being and state of mind. So, shouldn’t we make a little effort to raise and keep our vibrations high?

Here are some easy ways to raise your vibration quickly:

1. Express Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the quickest ways to ramp up your vibration. In routine life, we often tend to forget the good things in life and constantly focus on the things which make us stressed such as being late for work, pressure at the workplace, pending bill payments, and much more.

When you take a few minutes in a day and pay attention to good things around you such as your clothes to wear, home where you live, technology to simplify your life, eyes to read such a lovely post, healthy relationships, and most importantly, you are breathing.

Gratitude is the foundation of living a joyous life

There are thousands of things all around which are making life worth living. Think about some of such things and express gratitude for all those. There will be an instant shift in your vibration.

As life coach Tony Robbins said, “You can’t feel fear or anger while feeling gratitude at the same time.”

Consequently, when you feel yourself experiencing a low energy emotion, try shifting your attention to the good things in your life from past and present.

2. Acts of Kindness

When you give or help someone smile through whatever means, you certainly elevate your state of mind. Give a little money to charity, make an effort to make a stranger smile, feed an animal or just spend little time with those, who have no one to talk to.

There will be a sudden improvement in your own vibration.

Kindness is free. Sprinkle it everywhere.

3. Meditation or Mindfulness

Meditation or mindfulness practice helps you in being in the present. Thus, when you train yourself to be in the present moment, you resonate more symphonically with the truth.

The past and the future are only in your mind. The past is already gone and the future lies only in the imagination, the only truth is now- in this very moment.

Meditating for few minutes not only raises your vibes, but it also calms your nervous system, mends your mood, and brings about better feelings of peace—all the qualities that will benefit your state of being.

Reading inspirational messages daily adds to your meditation and mindfulness practices.
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7 days of inspirational moments

4. Forgiveness

Blame is one of the lowest forms of energy. Holding anger or grudges only hurts you physically and emotionally. If you work toward forgiveness, you will relieve yourself of this lower energy that weighs you down and holds you from moving forward.

When you forgive someone you feel lighter and it begins to raise your vibrations higher.

7 Simple ways to raise your vibration instantly

5. Find something to appreciate

Beauty is all around! In the giggles of kids, animals playing around, trees, your home décor, music, the colors in your surroundings and much more.

The list is limitless, take a few minutes to watch the beauty around you and appreciate it. You will certainly experience the difference in the levels of your vibrations.

A pink lily floating in a water lily pad

6. Choose your food consciously

Like all other things, foods also have some frequency. Some foods vibrate at high frequencies, and others at lower. Mostly raw food holds a higher frequency than processed food. That is why most of the processed foods are placed in the category of junk food. 

Also, consuming foods which are covered with chemicals and pesticides, leaves you with a lower vibration. In order to vibrate higher, include some raw and vegan food in your everyday diet (if replacing them completely is not an option).

7 Simple ways to raise your vibes instantly

7. Move your body and Get your blood pumping

When you run, dance, move and keep yourself active, you raise your vibrations. So Get Active! Move! Dance! And get your blood pumping well, this will shift your energy and vibration. This is a practice followed for ages.

In earlier days, when people felt the anger or mental pain, they used to perform high spirited dance moves to channelize their energy rightly (they used to understand the science of vibrations better).


Like attracts like. We all have been hearing it for a while. This law of the universe says that you are accountable for your life, and can manifest change according to how you react to a troublesome situation and direct your thoughts and emotions.

So, how are you vibrating right now? If you are vibrating low, try out any of these practices to elevate your vibrations.

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7 Simple ways to raise your vibration instantly

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