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Discover Your Joy – The Back Story. Or I could just call it The Life and Times of Louise.


I am a JOY-fanatic! Ten years ago, my minister spoke on the subject of JOY. He cautioned us to watch for “joy stealers.” His message resonated with me and led me to what became my favorite Bible verse. “Rejoice always.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16 NIV. It has taken me on a journey that makes my mind, my heart, and my soul soar with joy!






We all have ups and downs in our lives, and I had been through a dark time. The death of my sweet Daddy rocked my world. Daddy was my hero, my soft spot to always land. I was the first girl born into the family in 49 years and Daddy called me his “Princess.” But he loved everyone, and he had enough strong tight hugs to accommodate everybody. Daddy had a strong Christian faith and he taught Sunday School to preschoolers for over 40 years. He was a gentleman of few words, but his love consumed everyone around him.


Daddy died unexpectedly even though he lingered in ICU for five long weeks. My sister and I sat at the hospital watching, waiting, and praying. And our hearts were shattered when he was gone. There are several beautiful stories of Daddy sprinkled throughout Discover Your Joy.




Separation and Divorce


After Daddy’s death, my husband and I separated. The day he moved out is probably one of the most difficult memories I have. Suddenly, I was living alone for the first time in my life. What was I supposed to do now? Over the years, our lives had grown apart and marriage just didn’t work for us anymore. Somehow, I struggled with reconciling it all in my mind. We didn’t immediately divorce. I just felt like divorce was not what God would have us do.


During the years of separation, my life was in limbo. Nothing was settled. For those seven years, I was stuck in a time warp that did not allow me to move forward. Years later, when the divorce was final, it was definitely settled, and I was definitely sad and alone. I spent time each day writing in my journals, but it was mostly from a victim’s standpoint.


For the next few years, I poured myself into my business. It kept me busy and occupied even though I often felt like I was drowning in stress from the long hours.


My internal light had flickered and grown dim. My joy-light was almost out.




What Does All This Mean


I was single again for 21 years. During those years, many theories crossed my mind. First and foremost, I wondered if this was God’s plan to bring me to a place where I was totally committed to him. I must admit, my faith deepened during those years. I read more. I studied more. I learned more. If this was God’s plan, it was working.


Sure, there were happy times and great days, but once I was inspired by my minister, I gradually began to research more about joy. That one word became my lifeline. I purchased books on joy; I read every Bible passage about joy; I covered my walls with sayings about joy. Fifteen years after Daddy’s death, I started to discover how truly great my life could be.


I saw the possibilities of living a joyful life, and as I reconnected to my internal light, I knew I could shine again.




Discover Your Joy – The Book


Now I want you to feel the joy that I know. It is a conscious decision to choose joy every day. Even my journaling made a turnaround and I began writing with a more joyful attitude.


Finally, in April of 2021, I released a book, Discover Your Joy. It is a daily inspirational book that was a result of my study of joy and my journals.


These daily splashes of inspiration take you through some of my thoughts and feelings. They are short essays yet have enough motivation to inspire you to have a fabulous day. Each inspiration is packed with uplifting and encouraging words of gratitude, happiness, inner peace, and joy.


Each day starts with an affirmation. These statements are positive thoughts that can overcome any negative self-talk. Starting the statements with “I” is a powerful way for you to identify with the statement.


On the first day of each month, there is a simple challenge. Many of the inspirations for that month will relate to the challenge. Then at the end of each month, everything wraps up. Use the Notes page at the end of each month to record your own inspirations and thoughts. Journaling has always been my best friend through great times and tough times. I want you to have a place to write about the good and the not-so-good along your own journey.


Hopefully, these daily inspirations will guide you to discover joy in your own life. We all need hope to find our way out of the darkness and into joy and light.





In Discover Your Joy, readers will:


  • Enjoy daily inspiration for happiness and joyfulness,
  • Learn how to live an abundant life filled with gratitude, hope, and joy,
  • Discover inner peace through encouraging words,
  • Discover how to become a Joy-Fanatic and enjoy one’s best life.


A quick inspirational read every morning helps readers discover ‘moments of joy’ each day. Chock full of encouragement and motivation, readers will learn to seek and experience gratitude, hope, and true joy.


Readers and reviewers alike have praised ‘Discover Your Joy’. One said, “Each page in “Discover Your Joy” is a simple and beautiful reminder that the world may not be perfect, there will always be the ups and the downs, but we have the ability to CHOOSE each day how we will use this gift we call life. I highly recommend this book!!” Another stated, “Pistole gives great insight into ways to remind us that our joy is important and to beware of “joy stealers”. This book is a great way to start your mornings with a great cup of coffee and to discover your joy each and every day!”


Louise Pistole is available for media interviews and speaking engagements and can be reached by email at ‘Discover Your Joy: Daily Splashes of Inspiration for Living an Abundant Life of Happiness, Blessings, and Inner Peace’ is available in several formats on Louise’s website or on Amazon and other book retailers. More information is available at her website at




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Discover Your Joy - The Back Story






  1. Susan

    Your book sounds amazing. I, too, had to learn how to choose joy after my husband passed away, at only 51. The path isn’t always easy, but I choose to travel it everyday.


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