Embrace fall with gratitude, blessings, and family gatherings

Embrace Fall with Gratitude and Blessings

Inspirational Thoughts about our Fall Equinox

Updated October 13, 2020


Embrace fall filled with gratitude, peace, and joy!


Embrace Fall with gratitude, blessings, and family gatherings!

As crisp air moves in, our thoughts turn to the beauty of the changing leaves, fresh pumpkin pies, and warm cozy sweaters.


October musings…

October brings pumpkins and Halloween along with football and bonfires.

One of my favorite October memories is the year a group of our family walked a corn maze. We all had different thoughts on how to solve the puzzle and it was amazing that we all made it out of the maze that night.


Thanksgiving blessings…

Of course, our thoughts turn to Thanksgiving as soon as the calendar turns to November. This month puts all of us in a more grateful mindset and we feel led to share our blessings.

Thanksgiving brings back memories of family gatherings and fabulous food, football games, and long afternoon naps.

But, how do you enjoy the splendor of fall and still have times to rake the leaves? Here are just a few inspirational thoughts to get you motivated.


Thanksgiving is a time for family gatherings.


One. Start each day with gratitude. There’s always something to be thankful for.

Two. Even, be thankful for the leaves because you are strong enough to rake them. Or perhaps you have a kid or grandkid who can rake.                

Three. Schedule time to spend with family doing things that are only available this time of year. A few examples:

Pick apples
Carve jack-o-lanterns
Walk a corn maz
Take a hayride
Jump in a pile of crunchy leaves

Four. Plan menus that include fall foods.

Apple or pumpkins pie
Warm soups
Apple cider
Hot chocolate
Caramel apples
Ribs on the grill

Five. Make a point to always say grace before each meal. This is the blessing my Daddy said regularly.

“Bless this food and thank you for the many blessings we have received. Pardon our sins for Jesus sake. Amen.”

Six. Enjoy a Thanksgiving meal with the extended family. Have everyone bring their favorite foods so you don’t do all the work.

Seven. Involve the family with being thankful.

One Thanksgiving, I had cut-out leaves on our table. Each person wrote down what they were thankful for. Pop Pop got a lot of attention with his response of “rum cake.”

Eight. End your day with gratitude. Write in your journal the blessings of your day. Bless each person on your list. Pause and reflect. Smile, because life is great!

Fall has not been a favorite season of mine in the past because I don’t love all the brown and orange colors. However, this year, I am motivated to embrace the season. I have discovered white pumpkins and white berries for decorating. My world is filled with joy!


Pumpkins for fall


May you and yours be abundantly blessed.

Happy Fall… Happy Halloween… and Happy Thanksgiving to you!


Embrace fall with gratitude and blessings



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Embrace fall with gratitude and blessings.


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