Enjoy a Joyful Family This Christmas Using These Special Ideas

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Enjoy a Joyful Family This Christmas Using These Special Ideas




Mom is complaining about Dad being late because he couldn’t find his shoes.

Billy and Susie are squabbling over a toy.

And the burnt pies set off the smoke alarm. Yikes!

There is still hope for this to be a joyful family this Christmas.




When I started thinking about joyful families, my friend April Tribe Giauque, immediately came to mind. I reached out to April and asked for her thoughts on her own joyful family and this is what she had to say …


I waved my family into the living room. My youngest boys found a comfy spot and sat and wrestled on the couch, my daughters sat in the two armchairs, and my husband took a chair at the dining room table. The soft colored lights from the Christmas tree captured the sparkle of the ornaments; the holly and the ivy were carefully lit with white lights on top of the china cabinet, and my grandmother’s manger scene with its gentle lights sat on the credenza welcoming all who enter the home.

I took my place near the tree and asked them a few questions.

Who is this child?

What’s the significance of the star?

Why do we have a Christmas tree?

Why do we have red, white, and green colors this time of year?

What’s the story about the holly and the ivy?

When did the Wise Men finally reach the Christ child?

My children’s hands and mouths flew out with answers and excitement. Each child knew the stories, the tales, the traditions, and the meaning of why we were ready for Christmas. My heart burned with excitement and hope that they had been listening to my teachings after these Christmas traditions.

When was it all taught? It was gathered over time in the mundane everyday moments that might be dismissed as nothing special. On the contrary, these are God Moments that are given to us to bring discussions in normal and natural ways. These are the moments when truth is given and received because there isn’t a ceremony, but there is the Spirit that reaches and teaches.

God meets us where we are, and it is our duty to be prepared with light and hope from our study to meet our family where they are in the carpool, the drive, the dishes, the laundry, making dinner, completing homework, or being in the garden. Joy is prepared in our hearts to share with the world in these ways. I witnessed it again just two nights ago, and hope filled my heart because of it.

Thank you, April, for sharing your story.  Click this link to follow April on her website at apriltribegiauque.com.




Yes, the Spirit of Christmas fills our hearts with the Spirit of Joy!




Wreath on a window




The key to having a joyful family is spending quality time together and showering each other with kindness and love.  Here are some ideas for your joyful family Christmas.


A few special ideas to cultivate joy in your family


Share your own joy. Someone needs to start the joy cycle in your family. As you exude joy, it will spread among everyone else at the gathering. A good way to remind yourself of your joy is to find something to laugh about. (Maybe the smoke alarm blaring and the dog barking at the noise.) It’s sure to make you feel good.

Expressing gratitude is a magical way to bring joy into your life and your family. Be sure to say grace at your meals and take other opportunities to mention the people and things you are grateful for.

Find a way to serve others. You might invite a neighbor to join your family for a meal. Or take the family to serve a meal at a local soup kitchen. The list is endless but one thing is for sure – you will come away feeling blessed and joyful.

Nature is a natural joy booster.  Take the family outside to toss a ball around.  Or take a walk. Talk about what you see – trees, flowers, water, wildlife. Fresh air and sunshine will fill your heart with joy.

Unplug electronics. Collect everyone’s phone as they arrive for the family gathering. OK that might not go over so well. LOL But do encourage them to turn their phones off and enjoy the smiles, laughter, conversation, and activities with the family.

Try a Reverse Advent Calendar.  A friend just suggested instead of opening an advent calendar every day and finding your gift, instead to give away a gift or service. Ideas include baking cookies for a nursing home, taking gifts to a toy drive, and reading to a child.


I hope you’ll try a few of these suggestions for your family gathering this year.




And here are a few thoughts shared by friends about their joyful families during the holidays …


Watching my family interact with one another brought joy to me. I love to see the generations connect and come together.

Sitting at my sister’s table, watching my dad have conversations with his brother and sister. They are all in their 80s. I started crying; it was pure joy.

When it was over and I slept for 2 hours. (Who can relate?)

Putting a fresh Frasier fur in our tree stand and our son-in-law experiencing the smell (he came from a family of faux).

The love in each house we were invited to.

My husband’s enjoyment of the meal I made for him.

Peace and quiet. Everyone got along. No drama at all.

Family fellowship and laughter.

Spending time with all 4 of my kids.

My granddaughter asked if she could come for a visit when school is out. She’s 12.





 Joy is not just for Christmas


Even though you hear the word joy most around the Christmas season, genuine joy comes from God and is meant to be experienced every day of the year.

“I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.” John 15:11 NIV

I want to encourage you to use these thoughts and ideas throughout the year to hold onto your joy and your Joyful Family.





Conclusion of Enjoy a Joyful Family This Christmas Using These Special Ideas


How will you add joy to your family gathering this holiday season?

 Even though you may still have mishaps, you can still turn your family gatherings into Joyful Families this Christmas.

 Wishing you and yours a Joyful Family this Christmas!



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  1. Christine

    Great ideas! I love the idea of putting away your devices. So important to be focused on loved ones this time of year!

  2. Jaclyn

    I love that your kids knew all the answers to the questions you were pondering. This was a wonderful newsletter, thank you.


  3. Stacie

    Christmas is about joy! Very sweet post for the season.

  4. Diomayra

    Great ideas! It is so important to enjoy the moment by turning off our phone as our phones are can be a distraction from appreciating the little things in life.

  5. Kelsey

    What a lovely read. My daughters name is Ivy Joy. Everytime I say her name, I think of how much of a blessing and gift she is from our Heavenly Father and how He is our source of joy. Thank you for sharing.

    • Louise Pistole

      I love the name Ivy Joy!

  6. Hari

    I totally agree that spending quality time with family members definitely increases the bond between each one. Joy is surely not for Christmas alone! I strongly believe that joyful days are made not given to us by someone.

  7. John Mulindi

    Thanks for sharing! This is what we need during this festive season!


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