Finding Happiness in a Field of Dandelions | Inspiration

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Finding Happiness in a Field of Dandelions  | Inspiration



This is a sweet story about Finding Happiness in a Field of Dandelions. I know you’ll enjoy reading it.


As I pulled into a parking spot, I noticed the field beside me was uncut and full of weeds. I wondered why management didn’t take care of this maintenance.

My sister and I had taken the grandkids to an old gold mine to explore the grounds and pan for gold. It was a warm and sunny spring day and everyone was excited. From the looks of the parking lot, a lot of other families had the same plans we had that day.


Dandelion wishes

As my eight-year-old granddaughter climbed out of the back seat, she grabbed my hand and raced towards the field I was just mentally complaining about. Look, Mimi, “she said. “Look at all the dandelion wishes. Mimi, what would you wish for if you had a thousand dandelion wishes?” Wow! This sweet little girl had just instantly upgraded my mood and my perspective.

We spent the whole day at the gold mine and as we wandered about, we shared all the things we would wish for with our dandelion wishes. As we held hands, walked, and laughed, my frustration with the uncut field evaporated.



Panning for Gold


As grown-ups, we often tend to see the less-than-perfect side of things first. When, if we look a little harder or a little longer, we can find beauty in the small things. We can usually turn the negative situation into a positive one.  A young child showed me how to turn a field of weeds into a thousand dandelion wishes.

Sometimes it feels easier to gripe or complain about a person or a situation. But, that only robs us of a good feeling. Instead, try to make a conscious effort to find the good in the person or situation. It’s usually a matter of adjusting our attitude and reminding ourselves of all the goodness surrounding us.


Focus on a positive thought

If you, honestly, cannot find anything positive in the current situation, then it’s time to switch your focus to something else altogether. Think of something or someone who does bring a smile to your face. Try to hold this thought for a full minute. In that length of time, you probably have adjusted your attitude to positive thoughts.

Allow these positive thoughts to take root and grow in your life. Wayne Dyer once said, “Initiate a habit of choosing thoughts and ideas that support feeling good and powerful and elevate you to a higher level of consciousness.” This habit will lead you to have an awesome day. Trust the process.


By the way, back at the gold mine, my grandson did strike gold that day. The geologist on duty confirmed his gold nugget and safely packed it for the trip home.


A day with the grandkids, a thousand dandelion wishes, and now, a nugget of gold, how much more JOY could my heart hold on this day? It was a glorious outing for sure!


Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalms 37:4


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