How Do I Discover My Joy?

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How Do I Discover My Joy?


“Dear sweet lady, how in the world can I discover my joy? There are so many things that are in need of attention… I am driving myself crazy with worry.”

This message showed up this morning in my inbox. My heart leaped to a quick prayer for Fran and her request. Then on to figuring how out I could both assist her and encourage her.

At least, she had reached out to me. So many times, when someone needs help, they keep it within themselves. Sometimes, they feel like a failure or they are embarrassed if they reach out for help. If you sense someone needs assistance, you are probably right. Gently ask a few questions and let this person know it’s always ok to ask for whatever they need.

But the real question here was if you have problems, issues, storms, or battles going on in life (and who doesn’t have at least some of this?), how do you discover ‘moments of joy’ in your life?


First, I quote Lysa Terkeurst, “I don’t have answers, but I do have prayers.” I encourage women to lean on their faith and always take their problems to our Lord in prayer. A few years ago, I was struggling through an unsettled time in my life. My precious friend, Patty, said to me, “The only thing I know to tell you is to stay on your knees and in the Word.” Prayer and studying the Bible will truly carry you a long way down the path to joy.


I don't have answers but I do have prayers.


Next on my list is gratitude. It is true that the more grateful you are, the more you will have to be grateful for. Start every day with a simple, “Thank you.” It will get your day going on a positive note.

I listened to an interview last week and the guy said that every morning he walks through his home looking out the windows. He expresses thanks ‘out loud’ for everything he sees. Now, I have practiced gratitude for many years but I’ve usually said it silently to myself. Counting your blessings out loud adds another layer to your gratitude.

Writing in a gratitude journal on a daily basis helps you to focus on the good things in your life. Remember to express thanks even for the little things… the sunshine through your window, the bird’s morning song, and food in your tummy.


One of my favorite ideas is to start a JOY Jar. Gather a favorite jar or container along with a stack of colorful pens and note pads. When good things happen, jot them down on a piece of paper and put it in your JOY Jar. Simple and ordinary things that make you smile are perfect examples. When you need a lift, take a few slips of paper from your JOY Jar and relive the warm feelings.


Find one good thing to focus on. This is another one of my favorite tactics. Try to find something good about the problem you are facing, no matter how small that good thing is. Focus on that one good quality. Or if that doesn’t resonate with you, find something unrelated that feels good and focus on it. Focusing on any one good thought will turn you around quickly. Personally, I have one feel-good thought that I can use anytime.


Think of the people, places, and things that make you feel comforted and happy. Maybe it’s a song… or a snuggly pet… Mom’s homemade cookies… or a special photo. These are ‘moments of joy’ that you can store in your memory bank. Thinking back over these times will give you a sense of peace.


As you face the storms of life, taking care of yourself is always important. And, self-care means different things to different people. Personally, I enjoy soaking in a deep tub of warm water with fragrant bath salts. You may enjoy a cup of coffee, a chat with a friend, a walk outside. Whatever it is, take time to take care of yourself. You are no good to anyone else if you are a mess. {Smile}


A positive mindset is powerful as it infuses your life with a can-do mentality. You start to live your life with the belief that anything is possible.

A positive mindset:

  • Cancels doubt and negativity
  • Builds resolve and determination

Develop a positive mindset by starting the day with positive affirmations like these from

Everything will work out for me.
I am a winner.
The tools I need to succeed are in my possession.

Write out your own affirmations and recite them every morning.

Affirmations motivate you to take action to make them come true. Also, try to use positive words no matter the situation. Like I amI will and I can. When faced with a problem, reframe your thoughts to reflect positivity – I can do this project if I take time to focus on it.

A positive mindset sets you up for success rather than failure.


Probably, the biggest hurdle to discovering your own joy is being able to conquer whatever is standing in your way. Whether it be fear, abuse, marital problems, family issues, your job or unemployment, loss of financial independence, or a long list of many other things… the obstacles need to be addressed.

Likely, you cannot do it all alone. Reach out to trusted friends. You may also need attorneys, accountants, or other professionals. And don’t be afraid or embarrassed to consider therapy.


Little bitty ‘moments of joy’ every day will eventually lead you down the path to Discover Your Joy. I am praying for you. I am cheering for you. And I look forward to celebrating with you!

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How do I discover my own joy?


How do I discover my joy?




  1. Carrie

    I agree both prayer and gratitude are essential in joy. The way we view the world can have a significant impact on how we feel. Starting at the source (God) and recognizing all the blessings is a great way to help that mindset.

    • Louise Pistole

      You said it beautifully and perfectly.

  2. Mig

    love it, I don’t have the answers but I do have prayer.


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