How do Miracles Happen? The Bone that Disappeared

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How do Miracles Happen? The Bone that Disappeared



How do miracles happen? The story of the bone that disappeared.

There was a bone there a month ago. Where did it go?

My first-grade son came home from school with a note that he did not pass the hearing test and it was recommended that I seek a doctor to assess him.

I almost forgot to mention it the next time I took him to the pediatrician. In fact, we were leaving the office when I remembered and went back to say something to the nurse. She agreed to test him while I waited. But when she came to me and said I should go to the conference room because the doctor would want to speak to me, I was obviously shaken.  The doctor came in with news that my son was not hearing at all out of his right ear.  He insisted that I take him to a specialist.


A visit to the specialist

At the ear specialist office, they tested him over and over with test after test. I suppose the one that terrified me the most was actually called a microscope, but it was a huge machine that they put over the side of my son’s head as they had him lying on his side.



The results showed that an unknown bone was growing in his ear and covering up the hearing canal.  He was deaf in that one ear. This was an extraneous bone that was not even supposed to be there. My mind raced with a thousand questions. How did the bone get there? Why was it there if it didn’t belong? What can be done about it? Surgery was the answer….. the only answer according to the specialist.

I was terrified for my young son.  The thoughts of surgery concerned me but I certainly didn’t want him to be deaf in one ear. I went home to contemplate and to pray for a miracle.

In the meantime, I wondered what this would mean for my son who could no longer hear out of one of his ears. I made a trip to his school to inform his teacher that he could not hear well and to be sure he was understanding his assignments.


The follow-up visit to the specialist

The fateful day came when we returned to the ear specialist office for a follow-up visit.  Again, the doctor tested my son time and time again. He peered into his ear. He checked again using the intimidating microscope.

Finally, he had me sit down and he looked at me with unknowing eyes. My heart sank. The doctor reiterated all the previous facts and moved on to the day’s findings.  My heart and mind were racing with all the information. I wanted to cry; I wanted to run away.

Finally, this doctor uttered the most beautiful words I have ever heard.  The bone was gone! Somehow, it had simply disappeared.  He was confused, yet amazed and had no explanations as to how a bone could simply disappear, but there were no signs that a bone had ever even been there. Of course, I knew that prayer and miracles go hand-in-hand! We were blessed beyond measure.


Answered prayers for a miracle

Today, this child of mine has perfect hearing…. even better than my own hearing!



Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. Mark 11:24






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