Kindness is Free. Sprinkle it Everywhere!

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Kindness is Free. Sprinkle it Everywhere!


Kindness is free. Sprinkle it everywhere.


Be known for your kindness and grace.


Kindness is free – Sprinkle it everywhere!

Have you ever been blessed by the kindness of a total stranger?

Well, I have and it literally makes your heart swell in gratitude. You’ve probably had similar experiences. But let me quickly tell you how a perfect stranger rescued me from a thorny situation.

I was at the mall with my 9-month-old grandson who was strapped into a baby carrier. Time for a feed and an epic battle began to get him out of the carrier. An observant stranger hopped over and deftly released the straps. By that time, my grandson was howling in hunger and I was extremely grateful for another mom’s quick thinking!


What is Kindness

Today, kindness is often equated with money. While it has its place, spontaneous kindness has a greater impact. Simply because it’s done with a generous spirit expecting nothing at all in return.

This quote sums it up perfectly:

A little thought and a little kindness are often worth more than a great deal of money.
John Ruskin

So kindness simply means giving of yourself – be it time, a hug or a smile.


The Health Benefits of Kindness

Did you know that there are several health benefits to being kind? The best one is that you’re left with ‘helper’s high’ which is great for both your physical and mental well being.


Check out this YouTube video to get the main health benefits of showing kindness to others.





Can Kindness Change the World

A great big YES. It is so powerful that a single act can inspire similar acts of kindness. Like a chain letter, the feel-good factor of kindness is passed on and on and on ….  In this way, the world can be supercharged with the joyous current of selfless service.

Consider this quotation:

Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly, and most underrated agent of human change. ~  Bob Kerrey


Let’s look at the acts of kindness that prove this.

1. We are the World

Remember the song ‘We Are the World’? Some of the most gifted musicians of our time gave their time and skills to create a track that raised over $63 million for humanitarian aid in Africa. That was true kindness in action.


2.Non-Profit and Charitable Organizations

There are thousands of non-profit and charitable organizations that are motivated purely by the generosity of spirit that is the bedrock of kindness.

Some international examples are:

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • The Gift of the Givers
  • Doctors without Borders
  • Amnesty International


There's no such thing as a small act of kindness.



3.Local Random acts of kindness

Every community has organizations that serve so that the needy, homeless, and hungry may benefit. Some common examples are:

  • Winter blanket drives
  • Food collections
  • Shoebox ministries
  • Soup kitchens

Can kindness change the world? Yes, if we educate our kids on the powerful benefits of kindness. Let them learn the lesson early that kindness and love are sides of the same coin.

Make an effort to do your part and always pay it forward!


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Kindness is free. Sprinkle it everywhere.




  1. Lindsey

    Beautiful article and love the video! It really does make sense and encourage you to reach out to others.

  2. Headphonesthoughts

    I like how you stated “kindness is often equated with money” that is such a true statement. Its so important kindness.

  3. Jimmy Clare

    we need more kindness in the world

    • Louise Pistole

      Yes! We absolutely do!

  4. Arnetta

    It cost $0 to be kind but my love language is giving i remember one winter i was getting subway. I had just graduated high school. It was a homeless man sitting outside. And it was freezing cold. He spoke to me and didn’t ask for anything at all. I went back to my car and grabbed my graduation hoodie my mom bought me that showed the year i graduated At the time i always wore oversized jackets even though i was fairly small . I walked back up to him and asked him how old are you? I don’t remember how old he said (probably around 50 or 60) I gave him the hoodie and said well you’re 18 now. 🙂 He was so happy. I love helping people and i try to always have bottles of water in my car in case i see someone who needs it.

    • Louise Pistole

      You are spreading light! Keep it going.

  5. Christine

    I like #1 We are the World! So glad you mention that one. I remember it like it was yesterday. But any act of kindness goes a long way in healing the planet. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Saskia

    Thank you for the post! It’s so true, kindness doesn’t cost anything. It’s the small things that make the day for other people 🙂

  7. Carrie

    I love this. When we look out for the good of others instead of focusing only on our own happiness, I find that it brings me joy.

  8. Emily

    Thanks for the extra encouragement to be kind!


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