The furry hole in my heart

The Furry Hole in my Heart

A black cat lying in the window. The Furry Hole in my Heart.

……….Elle came to me as a rescue kitty when she was two years old and she quickly became Queen of the Estate at my place. It was just the two of us and we were great companions for each other.

For the next seven years, Elle trained me to always pet her head while she ate her meals. If I stopped petting, she stopped eating. Crazy cat. She also wanted to lie on your shoes as soon as you came in the door. I always believed it was the outdoor smells on shoes that my indoor kitty enjoyed.

Elle would sprawl in the window of the dining room most days as the morning light came streaming through. By afternoon, she would move to a west-facing window and capture the sunlight there. As the sun set on our home, she curled up on the corner of the loveseat for yet another nap.

There’s now a man in the house…

Just four months ago, I remarried and Elle was quite accepting of the new man in our house. She quickly trained Randy on the art of petting her head while she ate and of giving up his shoes at the door for her to snuggle.

Elle was a big cat, all 20 pounds of her along with her long hair. We made regular trips to the groomer for hair-cuts and last week was no exception. But then, the groomer called and said she was worried and to come quickly. Within a couple of hours, Elle had graduated to pet heaven and she left a huge gaping furry hole in my heart.

The day had started out like all the rest. We went through our morning routine of breakfast and head petting. She had her tuna squeeze-up that she loved. There was no indication that anything out of the ordinary was in store for our day.

Pets are family too

For everyone who has ever lost a beloved pet, you know they are more than an animal. These pets are our family. We dote on them; we pamper them; we get up early for feedings or walks; we purchase their favorite foods.

And when they’re gone, we are left with a huge furry hole in our heart. Coming home without our pet being there reminds us of the love we shared. Life must go on, but it’s tough getting past the grief and on to the good memories.

Rest in peace, my sweet Elle. You were beautiful. You were loved. You were always Queen of the Estate.

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