The joy of being your own Olympic star

The Joy of Being Your Own Olympic Star

After a year’s wait, the Tokyo Olympics are finally coming to life. With the pandemic still being a part of our lives and no spectators at the Olympic events, this year will be like none other before it. So, let’s talk about The Joy of Being Your Own Olympic Star.


The joy of being your own Olympic star


“Find joy in having something to do and something to watch. Allow the athletes their opportunity.” –Barry Svrluga, The Washington Post, July 22, 2021

We are all excited when the US wins an event. Watching as they step up on the platform to receive their medal and listening to our National Anthem, our hearts swell with pride. Even placing second or third in an event is exciting to see.

Sometimes our team does not place, but they did their best and we are proud to cheer them on. Even when the person comes in last, we are honored that they made the team and had the opportunity to participate in the Olympic events.


“How We’re Projecting Each Country’s Medal Count In Tokyo”

An excerpt from an article by Neil Paine at Five Thirty Eight reads, “How much should we expect each country to be winning, based on how well it tends to do in the sports that have — and haven’t — already handed out their medals?”

Check out his projections. Read his entire article here.


Are You Like an Olympian?

In our own lives, we sometimes are the star of the show. Other times, someone else edges us out. This is true, not only in sports but also in business or at school. Really, in our own minds, we rank ourselves on a daily basis.

            Susie has a newer car than I do.
            Mary Jane doesn’t have to work and I’m in a stressful job.
            Patty always wears outfits that are so pulled together.

As we rank and compare ourselves to others in this game called Life, we are gradually destroying our own self-worth. We are quickly diminishing all the joy from our lives. We each deserve better. YOU deserve better!


How to Win Every Olympic Event in Your Life

It’s time to take back your JOY! Once the joy-stealers have a stronghold on you, it’s more and more difficult to feel like you are accomplishing anything. The joy-stealers are anything or anyone who distracts you from being the best you can be.

Here’s my shortlist for winning in your own life.

*Start every day with gratitude.
*Read something that inspires you.
*Smile, grin, and laugh at every opportunity.
*Hug someone or even a pet.
*Look for the positive in every situation.
*Leave the dinner dishes for now and talk a walk.


Training for the Olympics

I have to admit, some days it’s not easy to be joyful, or happy, or even positive. We must make a conscious decision each and every day to choose joy. We must train our minds to seek out the positive in everything.

It IS like training to participate in an Olympic event. We are searching for those ‘moments of joy’ constantly every day in everything we do. Living a joyful life is not something we can do one time and then we’re set. It is consistently training our thought process to find the good in every day, day after day, month after month.

Eventually, choosing joy will become a habit and complaining will feel out of sync with the Olympic star that you have become.


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