WELCOME TO OUR DAY OF JOY SUMMIT 2023! It will be held on Wednesday, June 28, 2023 (10:45 until 2:45 EDT) and you are invited to be a part of the extravaganza.




But first, here is a little of my history.


I was divorced, living alone, and drowning in stress from working long hours. I spent time each day writing in my journals, but it was mostly from a victim’s standpoint.

Somewhere around 2010, I had a joyful awakening when my minister talked about joy and the verse in 1 Thessalonians 5:16 that reads, “Be joyful always.”

His message tugged at my heartstrings and sent me on a quest to read and study more about joy. My journaling made a turnaround and I began writing from a more joyful attitude.

Finally, in April of 2021, I released a book, Discover Your Joy. It is a daily inspirational book that was built off my study of joy and my journals.

Today, I spend my time writing and speaking to women’s groups about finding the true meaning of joy in their lives. We all need hope to find our way out of the darkness and into joy and light.




Back to our Day of Joy


I’ve made quite a few joyful friends during my travels so I’ve gotten everyone together to share with you our Day of Joy. Each speaker will have unique information to share. I know you’ll love hearing from these special friends and their topics.

I’ll be hosting the event and sharing my thoughts on joy along with some memorable quotes and verses.

Here’s the lineup of speakers so you can set your alarms to hear one or all.

10:45 – Louise Pistole – Welcome and chat about our Day of Joy
11:00 – Jan Luther – Joy after the Mourning
11:30 – Yvette Babs Walker – Joy is not a feeling; it’s faith
12:00 – Jeanette Fondren – Finding Joy at the Mercy House
12:30 -Andria Gaskins – Grace, Grit and Gratitude
1:00 – Jean Voice Dart – Claiming Joy With Creative Courage
1:30 – Cindy Brockway – Stumbling on Happiness
2:00 – Heidi Gray McGill – Seeing Joy in the Details
2:30 – Louise Pistole – Conclusion and wrap-up on gifts and freebie

Be sure to register for the event even if you cannot attend live. The replay will be available on You Tube soon after the event concludes. We will be giving away prizes during the event and winners will be chosen from the registered attendees even if they are not on live. At the end of the day, we will be sending digital gifts from some of the speakers to everyone on the registration list.

Here’s the link to register. https://www.louisepistole.com/day-of-joy-summit/




What is Joy?


People often find it difficult to actually define joy. My version is joy is an emotion of feeling satisfied and content no matter what your circumstances are. I believe true joy comes from our belief and faith in a higher being.

Joy is often confused with happiness. But happiness is more of a momentarily feeling such as having an ice cream cone. I do think happiness is a building block that if sustained for a period of time could lead to joy.

One of the quotes from my book is, “Gratitude is your pathway to joy.” As you express more gratitude in your life, the more joyful you will feel. Gratitude is just one of many ways to build up your joy.

During our event on June 28, you’ll get to hear the other speakers share their thoughts on joy.




A Joyful Experience


Here is one way to bring yourself into a joyful place.

 – Take several deep breaths.
 – Listen to your heart.
 – Perhaps say a prayer.
 – Recall a joyful experience in your life.
 – Hold that thought in your mind for a few minutes.
 – Think about how it made you feel.
 – Can you feel the joy?

This joy you now feel will likely keep you grounded in joy for quite a while. But you can go back and repeat this every time you need a boost of joy.

Our speakers will also have amazing ideas to share with you to encourage you on your journey to joy.






You often hear the phrase, “Choose Joy.” While it’s a catchy phrase, it’s actually realistic. We must intentionally make an effort to choose joy every day. That positive reinforcement into our minds keeps the joy alive in our hearts.

I look forward to seeing you on June 28th.




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Welcome to our Day of Joy Summit 2023



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